Fast Turnaround Times

We reduce the turn time by 2-3 days by delivering you accurately hand-typed appraisal reports.

Accurate Apprasials

Professional and comprehensive appraisal data entry service. The quality control program designed to make sure the report is UAD and USPAP compliant.

24/7 Customer Service

Our support team works 24/7, 365 days a year. As we work round the clock to enable our appraisers handle any RUSH orders they get. You will be able to accept orders which you had to decline due to lack of time.

Reasonable Pricing

Avail the benefits of our affordable and high quality appraisal data entry services for all your real estate appraisal project requirements.

Improve AMC Ranking

The platform/system used by AMC’s enable them to rank appraisers on the basis of how long you took to accept the order, how long you took to address corrections and so on. Our quality control program will help you exceed all these parameters.

Increase Number Of Orders

Reduce the number of correction/revision requests by 40-50%. Reduce the number of calls from AMC reviewers. Increase the number of orders each month by 20-30.